Laiya! Sunup to Sundown…

Waking up early in the morning has¬†never been this exciting! Driving has never been this relaxing! That’s simply because we are on vacation, and we are heading to Laiya! Oh yeah.. ūüôā Just few hours drive from Manila, we found ourselves in paradise.¬†Scenic view, fresh air, clean & calm water, and luscious green surroundings welcomed […]

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Keep Calm & Chill Out!

Staycation -a vacation spent at or near your own home, rather than traveling to far away places. … and that’s exactly what we did! It was a gloomy weekend because of bad weather, yet we’ve managed to make the most out of it! We booked a room, stroll around the mall, watched a movie, play […]

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Until we meet again… Boracay!

Thrilled! That’s exactly how I feel when I set foot in Boracay. The view was mesmerizing, it’s like as if I’m looking at a high definition imagery of a seascape designed to perfection. I still remember the days when I’m googling images of Boracay¬†and searching for videos on YouTube. Now, I’ve been there already.¬†It’s my […]

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A weekend well spent in Bolinao!

My quest to find the best beaches in the Philippines has begun and the first leg of my journey got me to Bolinao. According to most of the articles I’ve read, Bolinao was compared to the famous “Island of Boracay”.¬† Is this true? Let’s find out! About Bolinao Bolinao is a third class Municipality in […]

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The other side of Manila!

Dan Brown, a renowned author once dubbed Manila as “gates of hell” in his new book – Inferno. Well, that’s his opinion. I must admit, Manila has its own fair share of imperfections. It may not have been the best city however, dubbing it as gates of hell is inappropriate. Manila has its own characteristics, […]

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