A beach nearby…

Who would have thought that a place like this existed inside a Marine Base Camp.

In less than 2 hours drive from Manila, you could reach Katungkulan Beach in Ternate, Cavite. The only beach of its kind nearest to Manila. What makes this even more unique is that this is indeed within the vicinity of the training grounds of the Marines! Please take note however, you need to strictly follow rules & regulations.

The Weekend Sightseer

Cavite2 Cavite

The Weekend Sightseer

Just a friendly reminder though;

  • This is not your typical resort. It is a semi-private beach inside the marine base camp.
  • Strictly follow rules & regulations.
  • No reservation. They are accommodating guests on a first come first serve basis.
  • Registration and payment is required at the gate.
  • It’s more convenient to bring your own car.
  • Make sure to fill up your gas as there are no gas stations near the area.
  • Check your vehicle before you leave the house.
  • Cottages are for rent.
  • There are some private rooms that you could rent depending on availability.
  • Pitching of tent is allowed.
  • There are grilling stations in the area that you could use.
  • Bringing your own food is highly advisable.
  • There is a small store inside the camp where you could buy basic needs.
  • Please don’t expect too much, especially with the facilities (bathroom, private room, cottages, etc.)
  • The area is well kept and free from garbage. Please clean as you go.

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