Breathtaking Boracay!

Thrilled! That’s exactly how I felt when I set foot in Boracay. The view was mesmerizing, it’s like as if I’m looking at a high definition imagery of a seascape designed to perfection.

It’s my first time in Boracay and in an instance, I fell in love with it. Words are not enough to describe the experience, just imagine the warm sea breeze touching your face while walking along the stretch of the finest white sandy beach and crystal clear water. Drinking fresh coconut juice and indulging with the freshest seafood while enjoying the company of your friends, family, and other people having a great time.

They say Boracay is a paradise on earth. I couldn’t agree more!


Until we meet again…

14 thoughts on “Breathtaking Boracay!

  1. Thanks AJ for creating this blog and showcasing the beauty of our country. You also inspire us to travel and explore our islands. I like the photos so much! 🙂 We are planning our next adventures because of this 🙂 Mabuhay!


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