Coron! A piece of Heaven on Earth

Peaceful, serene, beautiful, captivating, untouched, extraordinary,  these are just some of the words that best describes the island of Coron!

The island is rich in biodiversity, white sandy beaches, pristine lakes, marvelous limestone formations, and friendly people.

I immediately fell in love with the place and here’s the reason why…  🙂

The picturesque Kayangan lake
Crystal clear water of Kayangan lake
The white sandy beach of Malcapuya island
Ocean view from Malcapuya island
Our service boat

3 thoughts on “Coron! A piece of Heaven on Earth”

  1. Amazing Coron! We would love to scuba dive there. 🙂

    We were supposed to visit Coron this year, but we found out that Cebu Pacific doesn’t fly Cebu to Busuanga anymore. 😦 That means, we have to go to Manila and catch a connecting flight to Busuanga, which takes a huge chunk of our budget. We will have to put our plan in the shelf so we can save a lot.


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