Vibrant Puerto Galera!

Puerto Galera is one of the popular destination among locals in Manila and its neighboring provinces. It is located south of Manila and within 3-4 hours, the sun, sand, and sea is all yours to enjoy. Because of it’s proximity to strategic locations and its inviting atmosphere, it has become one of the ideal destination for a quick weekend getaway.


Puerto Galera is a public beach, all year round, local tourists flock here to have some fun and relaxation!

The island is filled with outdoor activities including snorkeling, banana boat ride, para-sailing, island hopping, etc..


The nightlife in the island is also active. You may choose from a wide variety of entertainment offered by different establishments from a cozy restaurant with acoustic bands performing while your having your dinner, to comedy bars that will set a happy atmosphere while your enjoying your drinks together with your family and friends.


I’ve been here many times already and I would definitely keep coming back for more!

7 thoughts on “Vibrant Puerto Galera!

  1. It must have been a wonderful experience you had back then! I’m happy to know that you also had a great time in Puerto Galera. πŸ™‚


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