Fascinating Bolinao!

Bolinao is a third class Municipality in the Province of Pangasinan. The home of an emerging tourist destination in the North- Barangay Patar, well known for its golden white sand beach and Cape Bolinao lighthouse.


How to get there?

The easiest and most practical way of getting to Bolinao is by bus.  There are various bus companies going directly to Bolinao daily. You could take either Victory Liner or Five Star bus from Cubao or Pasay terminal.

Travel time?

It may take approximately 6 hours to reach the town of Bolinao.

Fare cost?

PHP 450+ per person from Cubao terminal to Bolinao (one-way).

Where to Stay?

Most of the resorts in Bolinao is located at the following barangay’s;

  • Barangay Ilog Malino
  • Barangay Patar


Depending on your budget, there are various types of accommodations located at Barangay Ilog Malino and Barangay Patar. Please visit their websites to view the rates.  Here are some information about the resorts;


What to do?

  • Experience the beauty of Patar beach and fall in love with its golden white sand and pristine water.
  • Plunge into the cool water of Bolinao falls.
  • Experience a different kind of spelunking.
  • Groufie, selfie, jump shot, walling, or anything in between! Strike a pose at Cape Bolinao lighthouse.
  • Marvel at the seascape of Bolinao rock formation.
  • Roam around the town and visit Bolinao Church.
  • Rise & shine! Wake up early to catch the sunrise.
  • Make sure to watch the beautiful sunset, best viewed at Patar beach.
  • Set sail at Balingasay river.
  • Include snorkeling, kayaking, or bamboo rafting to your list of activities.
  • Satisfy your hunger with the freshest sea food.
  • Endless sightseeing.

The adventure begins right now..

Our first stop, Bolinao falls.  From the resort, it took us approximately an hour before reaching our destination. The road is rocky and dusty but as soon as we reached the site, we were fascinated with the view.

Just awesome!


It was very refreshing, the feeling of swimming into the pristine water was overwhelming.

How I wish I could stay here all day long.  However we still have other places to visit during the entire course of the trip.

Next on our itinerary is Patar Rock formation.  From Bolinao falls, it took us approximately 30 minutes before reaching the site.


The waves here are crazy, powerful enough to create huge splash every time it pounds through the rocks.

The rocks are rugged with sharp edges so please be careful while walking over the rocks.

It was indeed a majestic seascape! Truly a wonderful scene to behold.


Few minutes away from the rock formation is the Cape Bolinao lighthouse.


We saved the best for last! Finally, we’ve reached Patar White Beach!

I couldn’t describe how I felt when I first lay my eyes on this beautiful scenery.


It was just breathtaking! The golden white sand, the aquamarine water, the sound of the waves crashing into the shore, and the abundance of green trees makes a perfect combination of what made Patar Beach one of the best destination that every traveler must experience.

Should you become tired of swimming, then take some time to relax under the trees lined-up along the shore.  A perfect moment to reminisce and unwind.


Serenity best describes the ideal feeling of being one with nature while walking along the shore of Patar Beach and enjoying the view up-close and from afar.

This has been a very enjoyable weekend which I will definitely treasure for a lifetime!


4 thoughts on “Fascinating Bolinao!

  1. I went here this June during my last vacation. Patar beach was awesome and not that crowded during our visit.
    I tried capturing some pictures but only through my mobile and it didn’t came out as well as I intended.
    Great blog by the way.
    Informative, organized and loaded with enough photos just like a travel magazine! 😊


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